Type of Wedding Style

Type of Wedding Style


Refine your wedding style and find the perfect wedding design details for your ceremony and reception. Including a few tips from lighting sections that will match your wedding decoration.

After you set your budget and nail down your wedding style, then it’s time to figure put what type of reception is right for you. While evening receptions are the most common choice amongst to-be-weds.

Wedding Style : Classic

Classic reception spaces are outfitted with gorgeous fixtures, like crystal chandeliers, that add elegant ambiance to a space. Keep it simple and elegance with a natural warmth hue like white or a bit touch of amber for the lighting setting. The decoration details can be a little glitz with a touch romantic effect. Consider adding a monogram to your dance floor with gobo, or use a spotlight to show off the detail of tower flower decoration, an ice sculpture or a gorgeous cake.


Wedding Style : Rustic

This kind of weddings are filled with textures, natural organics (think bark and trees), patterns and other characteristic details. It’s all about mixing in some vintage style and traditional style. Luxurious yet intimate, glamorous yet rustic, and laden with glorious floral arrangements. For lighting area you must choose the natural color but more into warm tone, so there’s a big no wedding style if you like to play with color for your reception area. The theme color for the decoration for this style would be a lot of green mix with brown wood feel.


Wedding Style : Romantic

There are a lot of definitions about romantic and it can be different for each bride and groom. Every wedding is definitely a romantic one, no matter what theme do you choose. But we commonly define romantic with the options for hues that flatter skin tones, such as soft pinks or a touch of soft purples, this will build the intensity for the evening. Considering adding more details to floral arrangements for luminous stems that double as décor and mood lighting.


Wedding Style : Edgy

Play up your unique style with lighting that matches, it can be like a gothic theme, fantasy theme like Disney, anything that comes in your mind for your dreamy wedding. Everything that you decide, personalize with your own touch of dream combined with great lighting arrangement.